Posture Help!

Poor postural habits significantly contribute to the type of problems that we see most often in practice. It boils down to being inefficient against gravity. Considering the amount of time that we devote to poor posture on a daily basis it’s not surprising that it is a huge contributing factor to headaches, neck, and […]

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Yard Warrior

My intention was to have this written before the weekend. The weather guessers said that it was going to be nice and for a change they were right. Like many others I spent several hours outdoors trying to clean up the yard while enjoying some nice weather, thus bringing up the topic of this […]

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Once I See A Chiropractor Do I Have To Keep Going?

Have you ever wondered how frequently Chiropractic care is necessary? Below is a short video explaining just that.

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Coming Soon

Check back for Dr. Bawcom’s Blog!

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