Poor postural habits significantly contribute to the type of problems that we see most often in practice. It boils down to being inefficient against gravity. Considering the amount of time that we devote to poor posture on a daily basis it’s not surprising that it is a huge contributing factor to headaches, neck, and low back pain.


There is a new product being marketed now that is intriguing. It is called the Lumo Lift. The device is affixed to your shirt and links with your smart phone or other blue tooth enabled device. It tracks and monitors your postural  habits and can help guide you into establishing better habits. The reviews on the product are encouraging and the price doesn’t seem unreasonable. If this device can lead a person to better habits and help them avoid the inevitable consequences (both in terms of symptoms and dollars) of poor posture then it would be worth far more than the asking price.


I guess time will tell if it is successful both for its intended purpose (improving postural habits) as well as commercially. I’m going to follow this product with great interest.